Burn Injury Cases

Burn injuries can be life altering injuries. The Sayre Law Group has successfully represented individuals with these devastating injuries making the at-fault party appropriately compensate our clients.

Personal Injury

Our decades of courtroom experience and expert preparation puts our clients on a level playing field with the insurance companies we're fighting.

Appellate Cases

The Sayre Law Group has represented clients at all levels of litigation, including appellate brief preparation and arguing cases before the Arizona Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court.

Car accident collisions

Automobile accidents often cause extraordinary suffering and loss to motorists, passengers and pedestrians, in addition to property damage to the vehicles involved in the accident. The Sayre Law Group has years of experience fighting for your rights. 

Bad Faith Insurance

If you have to file an insurance claim for any reason, chances are you already have suffered enough. We work to help businesses, individuals and families make sure they don't suffer again at the hands of their insurance company.

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Our Law Group has a wealth of experience representing clients in a broad array of practice areas:

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Wrongful Death Cases

The Sayre Law Group has helped many families deal with the tragedies and loss of life due to automobile collisions. We take pride in treating all aspects of these types of cases with dignity and respect.

Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their properties in a safe manner. When they fail, and when someone is harmed as a result of negligence, the owners can be sued under premises liability.

Spinal Injury Cases

Back and neck injuries can cause pain and suffering, be difficult to properly diagnose and require surgery, therapy and rehabilitation. The Sayre Law Group has over two decades of experience representing clients with all types of spinal injuries.